Why isn’t the async-option enabled by default ?

A drawback of having async-option enabled is that it might lead to unintended command execution. For example, you might issue a step command before another step command has finished executing and unintentionally execute two step commands, with no way to go back.

Use -x with gnome-terminal instead of -e in the –terminal option

Konsole and rxvt both use -e in the same way that xterm does, to specify the program (and its command line arguments) to be run in the terminal window, but gnome-terminal uses -x instead.

Pyclewn never executes gdb

A buffer named (clewn)_console is opened and ‘:echo has(“netbeans_enabled”)’ displays 1. However, a ‘ps -fC gdb’ reports nothing, and the (clewn)_console buffer is always empty, regardless of the ‘:C’ commands that are run.

Netbeans is not supported by vim when vim is run in a terminal and vim version is 7.2 or older. When you are running vim in a terminal (not gvim), make sure the vim version is 7.3 or above.

Cannot set pending bp

I want to set a breakpoint in a shared library, and have no way to set the breakpoint as pyclewn does not query me for “Make breakpoint pending on future shared library load? (y or [n])”.

You must explicitly set the breakpoint pending mode to “on” with:

:Cset breakpoint pending on

Pyclewn uses the gdb/mi API, and gdb/mi does not set pending breakpoints when this option is “auto” (the default). Gdb help gives the following:

(gdb) help set breakpoint pending
Set debugger's behavior regarding pending breakpoints.
If on, an unrecognized breakpoint location will cause
gdb to create a pending breakpoint. If off, an
unrecognized breakpoint location results in an error. If
auto, an unrecognized breakpoint location results in a
user-query to see if a pending breakpoint should be